-Based on a dream-

Uncover your eyes.
I promise theyíre gone.
Letís lay back and chew on the shards.
Letís lay back and choke on the sun.

Youíve been found out.
I still hide.
Youíve claimed it all.
I lost out.

Uncover your eyes.
I promise Iíve changed.
Letís take a walk off the roof.
Letís wrap ourselves in the clouds.

Youíve never seen this world.
I call it home.
Youíve never seen yourself.
I made you perfect.

Uncover your eyes.
They only want me now.
Letís take a one-way trip.
Letís run while we can.

Youíve lost the will.
I dig even deeper.
Youíve wrecked it all.
I put it back together.

Written and owned by Dan Chubaty