-The lights in the sky still smile down on us-

Everything feels so out of place.
Faith is the type of thing you find
Just so you can lose it.

And I dig shallow graves to hide all this
I cut them to pieces and keep them in a box
The farther from me, the better, I say.

And yet they always seem to find me.
Its impossible to change it.
Its impossible to forget.

If I could dissect this perfect world
Few would be spared.
You lost your chance when you looked away.

Everyone else just pretends to get by
Id cut it down the middle and bleed it out
If I could get a little closer.

Id take a chance and drive it home
Id lift it up and show you all of it.
One last chance.

Days like these I thank the open air
Where the horizon meets the sky.
You can watch it all fade away.

Written and owned by Dan Chubaty