-The long thoughts-

When the world is still you drift away
When the lights are all out, your head unwinds

To a better place nobody can find
Where the one you know is all you need

And amongst all the loud people who claim to know best
You can find her quietly nodding

At the idea of peace between the two of you
At the thoughts you never knew she felt

You wonder if she has any idea
About the things she makes you feel

And you pray she stays
Oh, please stay

Because all you spit are words wrapped in caution
And coated in uncertainty

But she lifts the tired world up
And holds your spirits close

And you know no matter what you say
She’ll be there to understand

The visions you’ll never lose
Are the ones you’ve never seen

Looking into her eyes, even so far away
You know there’s never been a doubt

She’s the one for your world
And she helps build it to last

Cause’ when an angel stretches her wings
Everything that’s good is magnified

She remains a memory, a thought
And so much more that could never be said

When the long thoughts fade out, you feel just fine
Because this beauty is yours to behold

Written by Dan Chubaty 2006