-Remember Me-

I admire the way you struggle.
You try and make yourself smart. But it doesn't work.

You get tangled up time after time. The same old things
You still refuse to look around, thinking too far ahead.

Torment and pain are just part of it all.
But you could never admit you felt different

You pretended and lied. All that you could.
Indifferent to the people you hurt

It's merely a game to you. Played over and over.
But there was only one loser. It was never you.

Attention is the only thing you needed to live. Get it anyway possible.
Because soon you wont have the means to do so

One day you'll look to me.
Out of desperation, out of hope. Your last chance.

But I'll be looking the other way. Unaffected.
And once and for all I'll say, "goodbye"

Written and owned by Dan Chubaty