-Say something-

Step out of the dark and into a life
Drive it into the ground.
They say itís what you make it.

Itís a sunny day and Iíve lost myself
The blue sky bleeds into the green trees
I try to follow the birds toward my home.

Eventually the horizon disappears
I realize Iím moving in circles
I try to look ahead, but my eyelids fill with dust

Iím still awake when the snow falls
But upside down and inside out
Nothing to do but watch the stars burn up.

The wind sweeps the earth clean.
My soul has been severed.
I dust myself off and feel reborn

With one last push, at last I see the world
Itís flat and it stretches on as far as I can see
And so I keep on walking.

No one calls it home. Just silence.
Rest easy, friends.
Finally, we have done it.

Written and owned by Dan Chubaty