-After, later on-

I've been trying to imagine what it's going to be like after the big bomb gets dropped. You know, the one that everybody has nightmares about. It's only a matter of time, the world isn't ok, you should know. It's coming, after many wars we'll see it. The third, fourth and fifth world wars will allow us to rebuild and create a sense of false peace, but it's all propaganda to promote well-being and equality. No, I'm talking about the 6th and final war, that's right, the war that ends the world, sort of.

It seems to me that no matter what problem humanity encounters we always devise some kind of clever solution or equation, which ultimately, allows us to rebound and be well again. In this case a lucky few (or unlucky depending on how you look at it) individuals will survive what will be know as the end of the civilized world. These people will eventually learn to cope with the effects of nuclear fallout and develop immunity over many generations. There will also be some people who react differently to the effects of nuclear war. The radiation will turn a select few of the population into superhuman mutants, only they wont be all that super, just kind of different looking. This will create a class system in which the mutant humans will be seen as sub par and monstrous.

Best stay away children-they'll bite. Propaganda I say. The new world will look mostly like a desert. There will be no countries, borders or oceans; just one big ball of rock. The sun will shine like never before, raining down on the poor people like flaming spears.

There is no government here, no one to enforce laws or keep peace. Survival of the fittest. Rape, theft and murder will be a part of everyday life. Not much of a change there. Money will not exist. Instead people will rely on a system of bartering and trade. "Your CD collection for this bottle of water?" Are you out of your fucking mind?" Good, honest people will become the scarcest type of character. Nice guys finish last, easier to grab that gun and take what you want by force.

No jobs for men, no school for children. People will wander looking for signs of life and intact cities, there will be no such things. The world will be like poison-slowly, but surely it will kill you.

And so it will unfold. Humanity will be brought down from its almighty perch of superior being. Why? Because humanity itself is the timer on the big bomb. Whether you see it or not, the fuse has been lit and continues to burn at a steady pace. No one gets along, no one ever will. Peace doesn't exist, only a fool would believe that. Stop and think. We are only what me make ourselves to be. Well deserved, shit heads.

Written and owned by Dan Chubaty 2001