You know there are people out there with some real scary plans. These people have visions of a world where everyone looks and acts identical. The scary part is that these people are everywhere. High-ranking government officials, to the kid who stands outside the 7-11 with his friends all day. You truly never know. But they are there. I've seen them. The ones with high positions, such as politicians might be considered more dangerous, but this isn't really true. They are pretty much obsolete, more or less decoys and servants for the real government. The real world order of people who want to control us all. And I don't mean passing new laws and such. I mean massive and disgustingly demanded conformity. You'll see.

That kid at the 7-11? He's going to become a person with amazing power one day. The power to control, dominate and erase all that he wants. Sooner or later, you and I, we just won't exist, and it'll be like we never did.

They've made me the way I am. What do you call it Paranoid? No. It's not paranoia, really. There is a difference between keeping safe and being paranoid.

I may be the worlds most informed person on the subject. It's only natural for me to want to keep safe. It's the reason I sign my name an entirely different way each time I write it. If I deposit a cheque into the bank, one day I'll sign it with my left hand, in red ink, and the next time maybe I'll use only two fingers and hold a blue pen. Just never, ever use that pen that is sitting next to the machine. You know, that incredibly low quality one that is attached to a table with some kind of chain. It's there because they want you to use it. Because they need you to use it.

If you've got cash, it's very important to make your deposits small. I'm talking $20 at a time if possible. And never visit a teller face to face, just quickly slip an envelope into the atm and get out of there. Those things snap pictures ever couple seconds. So avoid looking in any one direction for long

A few of the many things to be aware of: Never use a public bathroom, don't buy bottled soda or water, never use the drive thru at a restaurant, don't use a phone unless absolutely neccesary (I don't even own one), avoid watching Satellite TV, cable is safer, always double or triple lock all of your doors and never eat canned foods.

I've been thinking about how it will start. As far as I figure it will go something like this.

Once these people realize what they believe, they will flock together. An incredible bond of belief and trust in a way of life is a strong thing. Like religion, really. They'll figure out that what they are doing is the only way. The right way. Hell, what's good for them must be good for us, right?

And so it will begin. Brainwashing, propaganda. This alone will be enough to create a massive army. It grows from there into violent "persuasion", Streets will become battlefields. Small groups of old-world supporters will remain strong initially, but in any world, people change. People die. When all opposition is removed everyone else will remain a shell of the person they used to be. Machines and technology will evolve at a phenomenal rate and everyone will serve one purpose, one god, one nation, and one world. It won't be your world, it will belong to them. You'll work for them without knowing. If you happen to be a lucky male, your predetermined wife will stay at home to raise your manufactured children. You will take the same bus to the same job to the same desk every single day. You will plug away at the same computer, typing the same paragraphs every day. On the bright side, your posture and typing skills will have increased phenomenally by this stage of the evolution.

People in general will all look the same. We'll all have the same stupid looking haircut, wear the same, cheaply made suit and possess the same face. You'll get used to it.

You will live this life like a zombie, in this made-up, indistinct world. You'll know you are doing it, but you won't know that you want to stop. You just won't know otherwise, because it isn't part of the program. You'll be repaired and placed in this world. Without ever knowing it or remembering what used to be, or more importantly, what could have been.

And you'll like it. My god, you'll fucking love it.

Written by Dan Chubaty 2003