Well, this is the part of the site where you will feel like you wasted the most of your time. I'll get right to it. My Name Is Dan Chubaty. I get bored very easily. So I write, I write about whatever I think about, it just flows, sometimes it flows well, and a story will make a little sense, sometimes it flows a little too well and it makes no sense. Got it? more personal crap can be found a little lower down.

This was to be a personal website, all about me. You know, the real deal, for what reason I truly don't know. I started, then got a real sick feeling. I'm not special, why should I have a website about myself?
You know, you see them everywhere, personal websites I mean. I feel it's an easy way to show the world you exist. But to be perfectly honest, most of the things I do are done out of boredom, such as this.

I love writing and I know a lot of people love to read. So, I put two and two together and decided to put my writings online, people can view them. At which point they can openly make fun of me, Criticize me, and so on. It's truly a great thing.

I've been told by a few, that the stuff I write is overly negative, cynical and sometimes harsh. I say, what I write is what I feel. It's my outlook on a lot of things, some people will directly realize that and others will not.
Some people will even find meaning in some of it. This is the part where I say "that would be the greatest gift of all" but that's a kind of bullshit comment. Every single person who reads something, automatically get's an opinion of it, and they all find, through all the shit, some kind of meaning, truth, or reason. And thats another reason I made this hell hole it's amazing how something such as a short story can change you, even if just for a split second.

About the name (people have asked):

The site (back in the homestead days) was originally supposed to be a Matthew Good (band) fan site.

Anybody who has the special edition of the Audio of Being knows that it came with a cool lyrics book which was simply titled “a pleasurable headache” so when I was thinking of a themed title for the site, I used that one.

While working on it I eventually realized I didn’t have the time, and more importantly, that there were (and are) way better fan sites out there than I could ever hope to be. So I scratched the idea.

I kept the site and when I started writing and eventually decided I would use it to show off the crap I produced. I kept the name because I liked it. Simple as that.

Now, For the moment you've been waiting for. A little more about me:

Name: Dan Chubaty
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Favourite books: "At last there is Nothing left to say", " The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy", "Slaughterhouse-five" and "Cat's cradle"
Favourite Authors: Matthew Good, Douglas Adams, Issac Asimov.
Writing Influences: None really. I guess I might be influenced by the people mentioned above, though.
Favourite Bands: Matthew Good, Sigur Rós, Mogwai, M83, Saxon Shore, Boards of Canada, Do make say think, A silver Mt Zion, Pixies, Clann Zu, At The Drive-In, Radiohead, Planes Mistaken for stars, KMFDM, Rage Against The Machine and more.